Club History

The residents of Mt Eliza bought a 3 hectare block of land on the corner of Wooralla Drive and Mt Eliza Way for future recreational purposes which was held in trust by a Mr Howard Parker. This land was appropriated for the  re-directed Nepean Highway. The Mt Eliza Community Association, led by Mr Parker, convinced the council to purchase Lot 5 from the Ranelagh Club using the proceeds of the sale of the appropriated land. Lot 5 is the land now occupied by the Community Centre, Tennis Club, Children’s playground, Cricket/Football ground and of course our own Mt Eliza Bowling Club.

A meeting of residents interested in forming a lawn bowls club was held on the 18th March 1966 and elected a steering committee to form a bowls club in Mount Eliza.  At a general meeting, held on the 25th July 1966, the Mount Eliza Men’s Bowling Club was formed and elected Mr. Harry Lynch as the Club President with Mr. Eric Hocking elected as Vice President.  The meeting decided to “invite the ladies to form an associates club to cover their activities”.  One week later, on the 1st August 1966, a meeting of ladies formed an Associates Section and elected Ms Alma Schmidt as President and Ms Dulcie Trimble as Vice President.

The members funded clubhouse and the first green, located beside the clubhouse, were opened on the 12th December 1967.   The green was named after the inaugural Mount Eliza Men’s Bowling Club President, Mr. Harry Lynch.

The two committees established in 1966 continued until an Executive Committee was introduced for the 1991-1992 season to coordinate the activities of the club.  The previous committees were renamed the Men’s Bowls Section and the Ladies Bowls Section.

For the 2002-2003 season, a Board of Management was formed to replace the Executive Committee and, because of equal opportunity rulings, the bowling sections were renamed the RVBA Affiliated Members Section and the VLBA Affiliated Members Section.

The 2013/2014 Season sees the introduction of a new Constitution where the State governing body is Bowls Victoria, and all references to gender is removed.